Real estate investment redefined

Lilypads eliminates the barriers to commercial real estate investment and ownership. A social network with a SaaS perspective and powerful self-serve capabilities, it puts the community at the center of direct real asset investment. A platform for owners, investors, lenders, brokers, fund and asset managers, Lilypads facilitates management, trading, discovery, assessment, collaboration, marketing, and fundraisers.


Removing barriers
to CRE investment

and ownership



Imagine keeping track of 100+ real estate assets, some of which you own, and some you just manage. How do you manage tenants while simultaneously monitoring the market for opportunities, buying and selling property, and handling funds?

Without the right tool, CRE can be overwhelming.


Agile Design Studio has been helping the Lilypads team create a perfect tool for real estate management.

The full-cycle design service we’re providing to Lilypads encompasses the look and feel and capabilities of the platform, from requirements analysis to release-ready functionality. Our team is following a human-centric approach and design thinking that puts users at the forefront of every solution.


Our role

  • Market and competitor analysis

  • Design hypotheses, prototyping, and testing

  • Identification and analysis of business and functional requirements

  • Information architecture

  • Navigation

  • Wireframes
  • Visual UI design


Our design and project management experts have been involved in the creation of the Lilypads platform from the early stages of its development. We’ve assisted our client in defining the requirements and capabilities and introduced new ideas tailoring this solution to the needs of its growing user base.


There's been strong initial feedback on the design. Their team is skilled, hardworking, and communicative. Their project management style is also noteworthy. Customers can expect quality work at a reasonable price.

Mr. James Brown, Online Retail and System Manager

I always felt like any issue I’d have would be immediately taken care of.

Senior Software Engineer, POPSUGAR

Their team is invested in our success and excited about what we’re doing.

Product Manager, Hushmesh Inc.

They’ve effectively become part of the internal team while providing a good ROI. Responsive and timely, they communicate seamlessly.

COO, Yobi

They focus on building a successful product and not just on getting paid, which fosters a positive working relationship. The team communicates well and is open to changes in project scope.

VP of Engineering, iControl Systems USA, LLC

As vendors go, they’re fairly high on my list. I would use them again with any company I went to.

Senior Director, Engineering, Logi Analytics

They’re eager to learn and can cross different industry verticals quickly.

Founding Partner, OpenRise Advisory

UI example: deal room

A great place to manage transaction documents, the Deal Room offers a slew of useful features like editing and keeping track of changes.


The Deal Room also enables the users to manage their accounts, communicate, manage finances and transactions — all in a clean, efficient manner and free of visual clutter.

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